Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's Bug Season and the Kids Love it!

These pictures of Ava pretty much sum up how you would find her if you stopped in for a visit while we are in the backyard. Bugs and worms have become a fascination for her. She loves to watch them crawl, creep, and fly. Since we spend a lot of time in the backyard these days, I have been trying to figure out toys we can add to our collection. We have enough balls and more ride on toys than kids. So, I wasn't really sure what I should do to make outside time different. Ava's bug interest and fascination with observing them prompted me to start creating outside activity kits. So far I have only put together two- a water play kit and an insect kit. Put together of entirely dollar store finds, the insect kit contains bug houses (3 so there isn't arguing!), magnify glasses, nets, and tweezers. Since the bug houses came with the tweezers and the nets, the kit cost 6 dollars. Really a small price for the hours of fun it has brought to the backyard. The kids are often bent over in the grass or garden digging and lifting any rock they can find (which really is just two in our yard, but they never go unchecked). It has been cool to watch the kids get really excited when a bug or worm is found. They have to call each other over so everyone can see. Even Dominic likes to hold worms. However he only has supervised worm holding time. He seems to think its a good idea to attempt to eat the worm. A little extra protein won't hurt... right? The "big" kids think its pretty funny. Ava likes to use her new vocabulary word. ".Mommy, I am just observing the worm." I too have had fun looking at worms under the magnify glass. The kids have learned about a worm's habitat, that they don't have any eyes, they eat dirt, and love wet soil. They love to remind me after it has rained that the garden is just right for finding worms. Sometimes it feels like a science class is happening right in the backyard.  Can't wait to take our activity kit on the road! A little hike in the woods and bug hunt would be fun!

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