Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Little of This and a Little of That

Summer has kicked off around here and we are enjoying a variety of activities. Though we don't have our regular school time routine going on right now, Ava has been working on learning to read, Dominic has really taken an interest in coloring and using pencil and paper. He loves to write and erase.  Lily wants so badly to keep of with her big brother and sister and hates when they are doing things she just can't do yet. But, she has taken on more of an interest in being read to and can often be found sitting by herself with a book. We have been doing a little of this and a little of that over the last month and look forward to a couple more months of just that! I probably won't blog very consistently until next school year hits, but just thought I would post a few pictures of some of our latest activities.  
We have been enjoying discovering what our city has to offer us. Downtown fountains are a hit.  
Papa and Mimi came to visit and Papa helped Ava and Dominic harvest the worm castings from the worm composting bin for the first time since our little worm pets arrived! Ava worked so hard to create her own little labels that say, "Ava's Black Gold" (a term used to describe worm castings). She is excited to give it to family for their flowers. 

Despite our poor luck with gardening we are giving it another go this summer. We have three raised beds, one will be a butterfly garden, one is for pumpkins, and one is for squash. If you see pictures of it again, you know it was a success! If you don't well......planting the seeds with the kids was fun! 

Can't beat enjoying the backyard with a good ole sprinkler on a summer day.