Creative fun at home!

In addition to my own children, I watch two others. Every couple of weeks (especially during winter) the kids seem to walk around the playroom/living room like we don't own any toys. I make suggestions. "Look at some books! How about having a picnic with your stuffed animals? Have you played with the Little People today?" The response I always get is the same. In very whiny voices they respond with, "No we don't want to. What can we do?"  Despite the fact that the playroom is fully equipped, they quite frankly get bored. I can't blame them, especially on days that the weather doesn't allow us to be outside. Being confined in the house can get boring.

On this page you will find ideas that provide solutions to this problem. I assure you, I don't go out and buy new toys every couple of weeks. A little creativity with what is in the house makes for happier kids which makes for a happier mommy!

The first thing I do is never have all my toys out at once. I select a variety of different types of toys and leave them out for a couple weeks at a time. When I notice the kids not wanting to play with them anymore, I switch some out with toys I have stored. I do this with our books too. The stored toys become "new" and exciting. The "old" toys get put away and will make an appearence again soon!

The second thing I do is get creative with things I already have around the house. You will soon learn that my house is big on reusing and recycling. So that is just what I do! I would love to hear what fun things you do with your kids when boredom stikes! I am always looking for new ideas!

Here is one way we spiced up the play dough activity. We made white play dough and added some glitter. I used scraps of felt to make little hats and scarves. I threw in a few buttons and pieces of branches for arms. We had ourselves a snowman kit! No snowsuits, hats, or mittens needed for the kids! (Though making a snowman for real is a great time!) Makes a change from the regular play dough tools the kids use and its fun to see what kind of snowman they create.

We love camping and we especially love roasting marshmallows! Who said you can't do those two things indoors during the winter!? A couple of paper towel tubes make great logs. Add a paper flame. Pop a marshmallow on a dowel rod. Don't forget the tent and sleeping bag! A simple sheet over a chair can work great for a tent. Now you have yourself a camping trip! My daughter was an especially happy camper because I allowed her to have a marshmallow. I just wouldn't recommend starting the campfire so close to the tent during a real camping trip! : ) 

My kids got new swimsuits from their Grandma and Grandpa for Valentine's Day. Despite it being a cold February day, Ava insisted that she and her brother put their suits on right away. This prompted our indoor beach day. I brought in the kiddie pool, laid out a towel, and took out their sunglasses. The two played at "the beach" for about an hour and had a great time. Ava practiced jumping in the pool and Dominic brought his blocks in the "water". Had there actually been water, I would have been quite wet because there was lots of "splashing" going on! Our beach day was a good reminder to me that sometimes letting the kids take the lead and going with their interest makes for some fun memories!  
Boxes, packing tape, and duct tape are three of my favorite things when it comes to being creative! Boxes that enter our house rarely leave without first becoming something else! The first picture is a box kitchen set I made for Ava before we found a plastic one at a yardsale. After providing her with a few pots, pans, and spoons she cooked up lots and yummy food! 

In honor of fire prevention month, we created a firetruck. Ava and her two friends, helped to paint it (which was a messy but fun activity!). The light on the top is an old tide cap and the steering wheel is a paper plate. Dominic was too little to help paint, but he has enjoyed the finished product right along side the big kids! He likes trying to climb through the front window. I gave the kids a couple kid sized raincoats and plastic fire hats. Many fires have been put out! This fire truck has lasted several months and remains in the toy rotation!  

Other boxes that have come to our house have been made into a washing machine, Santa's sleigh, castle, and car. Sometimes I give them just the plain old box and let their imagination decide how to play with it!


  1. So cute!!! I love the camping pic- I can see my boys totally getting into that!! :)

    Let's Teach Something 

  2. We should plan a winter "camping" day soon!